Custom Made Lace Wedding Dress For My Best Friend Lou

Resurrection Rags custom wedding dress

My Best friend got married when I was in Oregon and she was in New York. I couldn’t get to her wedding in body but I was definitely there in spirit.

She wanted me to make her a custom made wedding dress so I did. All of the elements were upcycled vintage laces other than the under pinnings and layers but those were upcycled vintage as well. The front bodice overlay was from a very old vintage wedding dress possibly from the early 1900’s scattered with some fake pearls. The dress was quite tattered when I found it probably on it’s way to a landfill if I had not rescued it from the garage sale pile of  $1.00 each goodies.

The bodice back closure was from another wedding dress I found at a flea market also on it’s way to the trash at the end of the day. It was silk shantung but the bottom of the skirt was badly stained so I paid 3.00 for it and knew it would go to good use.
The applique cut from the back of the original dress, will be added to the back as a closure, it is a piece from the upcycled vintage wedding dress, beaded flowers on silk shantung. It is just pinned on now and it will not look so sloppy once I fit it into place and sew it on by hand, I love the little fabric covered buttons


Back bodice with applique pinned in place

The back panel after being sewn in place




And the back finally finished

The near finished dress, before I changed the flowers and added a bit of lace for the cap sleeves

Resurrection Rags custom wedding dress

The flowers in their final places, some also on the skirt…


And the lovely Bride with the groom and the groom’s father.


Vintage Image Sources For Inspiration

As a collage artist, I am an image collector, and in my “other life” I find and provide images for papercraft artists.  I have been doing this for over 10 years and it is one of my passions because I just love old stuff! Many of my clothing and accessories are designed from vintage inspiration. In my travels (looking for vintage images) I often find images related to clothing and accessory designs, and instructions and patterns from the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Below is a sample collage made from one of my , Image Source image collections for Victorian dressmaking.


Victorian Dress Making Clipart, Digital Collage Sheet

I have put some of these together for myself as a reference to hopefully spur my creativity, and I’m sharing them here so maybe others will be inspired as well, if anyone ever finds my blog.

I love the fancy work and the dainty designs from the Edwardian and Victorian eras and make many of my bags based on a fine detail I’ve seen on a vintage bag or piece of clothing. Here are some of my early bags I really do like the fancy fiddley work. 







Here is a close-up of the bag in the pop picture


and the back view:



The little white bag in the top right side was made from a vintage table linen and has been dragged around for years, and dyed dusty pink at some point. I think the older it gets the more I like it!





This is made from a nice moss green, appliqued and embroidered  linen table napkin and some secret origami handshake folding that I will probably never be able to recreate again. I folded and sewed and turned it right side out and was surprised and a little disapointed at first. Now everytime I see it and / or use it I think…wow I should make more of those! It has become one of my favorites for stashing jewelry.



This little one is made from the selvage end of a length of unbleached muslin, leftover from making a dress.

So …

I do kind of have an obsession with the little dainty bags and what the Victorians use to call “fancy work”. 

I have gathered a bunch of vintage images for handbags and purses, most are from the Edwardian era  Here are a few I have fixed for reference and hopefully I will be adding more routinely




The images below were from an advertisement for a department store which carried lady’s Fancy Bags and Novelties. 


The Designs are quite cute and could easily be translated to today’s wearables



There will be more as long as I can remember to blog …enjoy!